Andy & Leslie Are Married

Andy and Leslie got married a few weeks ago in August and the day was one of those rainy days that you were for sure would put everyone in a down mood. But not this party…everyone was excited and willing to do what ever it took for a great photo.  It was so fun spending the day with you guys and I hope you enjoy yours sneak peak until I can get the rest up for you.   Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day.

This little guy wasn’t wanting anything to do with this…priceless you gotta love it.

It’s the special moments throughout the day that make each wedding unique.  I love the look Leslie is giving her dad before they walk down the aisle, and below I always love then the couple interact during the lighting of the candle or the prayer time….and even thought it is hard to see past the candle holders, the brides sister, Emily is spraying a bit of fresh mint into Leslie’s mouth before the big kiss.

Wedding party’s are what make the day so fun..ever group brings there own bit of flavor.

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Fall Quicktakes

There will be a couple of scenic options on the farm to choose from, so more pictures coming soon…
These are a few samples from last year’s quicktakes.

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Steve & Jaime’s Wedding In Vegas!!!!!!!

Big news….Steve & Jaime are finally married!!!!! They were married on the same day that they first started dating, exactly 13 years ago. The wedding was held at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was so honored and thrilled to photograph their wedding. This was my first real destination wedding, and was just so much fun.  We were so excited to not only get to share this experience with them, but to also photograph in such a fun and different location.  With all the advertisements everywhere on the strip I couldn’t help but manipulate the advertisement on front to the hotel, to of course the biggest news in town!!!!!

Steve’s niece Sydney and nephew, Aaron were so excited to be a part of the wedding.  It was so too funny as we were finishing up pictures and waiting for the ceremony to begin, we had  a new visitor who wanted to join the celebration.

The day was beautiful and bright, hot, but not as humid as here in Indiana.  The chapel was really nice and the areas outside were so beautiful, everywhere we turned there was a great spot for photos. Their ceremony was so special, they used sand to show their unity  instead of lighting a candle. A prerecorded song that Jaime sang to Steve played in the background. Everyone was overcome with emotion as they tearfully said their “I do’s.”  Steve is my distant cousin so it was fun to be among several relatives and to see this day actually taken place.   Jaime we can officially welcome you to the family!  Steve and Jaime it was such a pleasure to work with you guys and David and I were glad we were there to get to share in your special moment. I just picked a few fun ones to show as a sneak peak till I get the rest finished, so I hope you enjoy.

While in Vegas my husband and I took a couple extra days before the wedding and traveled to the Grand Canyon. David turned the big 30 in August so this was my present to him.  He had never been to Vegas or to the Grand Canyon. I had been to both back in 04 when I was there for a Photography conference, but it was so special to get to share this experience with him.

I love this above and this shot below, as David is trying to explain the beauty before him to his father on the phone.  He, like I was just in amazement at the beauty around us. You feel such a calmness and peacefulness that is just so hard to explain unless you are standing there.  It makes me realize even more what an amazing God we serve. It was a long days drive to get there but it was well worth it.  My husband would say that the icing on the cake that day was getting to eat at the fast food restaurant called In & Out (a chain that is only on the west coast, but has like the most amazing hamburgers ever).

Some of our other favorite moments were the gondola ride we took at the Venice hotel, so much fun, now I am just ready for the real thing in Italy.  For David….playing golf with Tiger Woods and me…hanging out with Tim McGraw…no not really, but we did have a blast walking thru the wax museum. It was pretty neat seeing all the famous people they made look so real.

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Eric & Jessie’s Wedding

Ok not long ago I had this blog ready to post and somehow in the shuffle of life I forgot to post it… never-the-less I wanted to share a special couple with you.  Starting with several engagement pictures we took this last spring, Eric and Jessie were so much fun to work with. They were willing and ready to do anything fun and different and that we did. So sorry guys for such a long delay in getting these posted, but hopefully after several months of being married you can revisit the fun memories you shared on these special days.

Then this June, on beautiful day (despite the rain), the two of them said I do, in a church outside of Bryant, IN.

The couple had the greatest friends, and we had so much fun working with them all.  With such a big wedding party it was great seeing all the different personalities and ideas flow thru the group.  And everyone was such great sports, having to run in and out of the church between bursts of rain.  


Before heading to the reception a stop was made at the Celina waterfront for some more great photos.  We were so grateful we were able to share in your special day and we wish you both a truly blessed marriage.

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A Fun Engagement

I had the privilege of taking Elliot & Jessica’s engagement pictures on a beautiful warm evening last week.  They are getting married on October 30th (My Birthday!!!!!!) It was so much fun getting to know them and hearing their story!  Poor Elliot was such a sport, he’d been up since 1:00 that morning and was so patient with all the crazy ideas we came up with!  Thanks guys for such a fun time and I hope you enjoy!!!

Little Gabby joined in on a few…just so precious!

Check Out The Rest Of Their Images Here!

4 Responses to “A Fun Engagement”

  1. Morgan Zoeller

    I LOVE these pics! What a fun session w/ the tractor and cowboy boots. Great job Mandy!

  2. Lindsay


  3. Jessie Ruble (the bride in these photos :)

    Highly recommend Mandi and will most definitely use her again for future photo needs! If you are looking for someone with not just excellent photography skills, but someone with a great attitude who will make your session a blast,USE HER! She made us feel SO relaxed and the pictures turned out so natural looking. Thanks Mandi! -Jessie & Elliot

  4. eric

    Beautiful pictures Jes!! I’m really happy for you two!

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A few smiling faces

Hi All! It has  been crazy around here! Alyssa and Holly are going back to school next week and Mandi just got back from photographing a wedding in Las Vegas! (blog post about that coming soon!) But for now, here’s a few smiling faces of some recent work. Everyone meet Kai, Libbie, Jackson, and Jayden!


Here is the beautiful Kai!



Here is little Miss Libbie! Such a sweetie!

Heres Jackson! This isnt his first appearance on the blog 😉

Last but not least we have Jayden! He is so full of energy!


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Calling all Seniors: Class of 2011

Attention Underclassmen!

Reserve your appointment any time between now and Thursday, August 19th, your pictures will be back by the week of the 23rd.


It’s finally your time! Your time to shine and flaunt all of your accomplishments and hard work you have done over the past 3 years! There is a session for every senior out there and we will strive to make sure your session is unique and showcses your personality! Call and book yours today!

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Jason & Danielle

Jason & Danielle got married on May 22.  The day was bright and warm and minus the few delays with my equipment malfunctions, the day was just perfect.  Thanks for your patience, you were all such great sports!!!!! We enjoyed working with you both and we hope you will enjoy the all the memories.  

I love the smile that was captured a few moments before Danielle was to walk down the aisle to meet her groom. Priceless!!!!!

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Brad & Machelle

Brad & Machelle got married on May 1st,  just a short time ago!  Happy first month of marriage!!!!! Their day had a chance of rain, but turned out very beautiful. The ceremony was located in a small country church outside of Fort Wayne, and the location was great for pictures.  We really enjoyed working with you both and it was so nice to meet you Brad!!! We all at Sacred Images wish you both a very blessed marriage. Enjoy the sneak peak the rest should be up real soon!!!!

What a beautiful bride~I was so excited to be given the chance to photograph your special day. Being my third cousin, it has been so fun to watch you grow into such a sweet lady!  I am so happy for you.

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  1. Jill Patrick

    Machelle, Beautiful inside and out. Great pix Mandi! Of course, that Matron of honor is pretty beautiful too! No, I’m not bias! I enjoy looking at your photos Mandi.

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Celebrating Our First Anniversary!!!!!!

I can’t believe how fast a year can go.   Our one year anniversary is on Sunday, May 9th can you believe it.  I feel like the luckiest girl alive, my husband is so wonderful and I am so excited for all our adventures ahead. We broke in early to the cake top that took up space in our freezer for a whole year.  And for anyone else who has tackled this silly tradition can agree that it is much better tasting the first time around.  We are going to be spending the weekend in the Upper Peninsula near  Mackinac Island, so I hoping for a relaxing time and that it won’t be too cold.

 Several weeks ago me and Hannah, my great friend who owns Vision’s Photography traveled to Columbus, OH to hear the great Sandy Puc (a well know photographer).  We had a great time (as you can tell from my cheesy grin below) and learned so many neat things.  It is so inspiring to spend time with other photographers.

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