The Big Secret is Revealed…

Several weeks ago my good friend, Tish stopped by my house to catch up, and after a lot of small talk, I had to get down to business and find out more details about the new man in her life.  Much to my surprise I found out not only was she engaged but getting married the very next day!  She asked me to take some pictures of her and her fiance, Christian, after they said their vows.  I was so honored and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.   Many of you may recognize her from the years she worked here at Sacred Images.  Of course we had so much fun and it was so great getting to spend that time learning more about Christian.  I couldn’t be happier for them and wish them the best as they start their lives together in Chicago.


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Zach & Kristen

Zach and Kristen celebrated their special day on July 21 at the beautiful Embassy in downtown Ft. Wayne. The couple live in Florida and share the passion of biking, so it was important that we incorporated it into their day. The wedding party was a lot of fun and willing to just do about anything, even at the price of ripped pants……LOL, but I won’t mention any names. I have to say that I just love it when you can see how much a groom adores his bride.  I caught several times the look in Zach’s eyes that just said how much he loves Kristen.  Such a beautiful thing and I am so happy for the two of you. It was a really great day and a pleasure working with you all.  Thanks for the opportunity, Mandi.





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Will & Sarah

Will and Sarah were marred exactly 1 month ago on a beautiful Friday evening.  The first images below during their “First Look” was enough to show how in love they are. The whole day was filled with special moments and beautiful touches that Sarah pored her heart into.  I enjoyed working with you guys and I hope that you will have a blessed marriage and will enjoy all the memories we captured for you. 

Will and Sarah had a photo booth set up at the reception and I just cracked up when I came across the below picture. Talk about perfect timing, but as the DJ was trying to duck out of the way my camera clicked at just the perfect moment to look like they were giving the poor DJ the boot!!!!! By the way the DJ was one of my all time favorites to work with and was loads of fun. We couldn’t have done this again if we had tried, LOL.

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Pictures In the Park

Summer Quicktakes

Friday, July 15 & Saturday, July 16

At the Legion (Canon) Park on Winchester St. next to Arnold Lumber Co.

Help Support our local MOPS Organization (Who helped bring us the new wonderful equipment at the park)

Just $45.00 including tax

($5.00 from every session will be donated to the MOPS Group)

Package includes your choice of 3 of the following:

1-8×10, 2-5×7’s. 4-4×6’s or 8 wallets

$15.oo for ea. additional unit

Please call to book your time 260-728-9794!

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Brian & Anna’s Wedding

Brian & Anna got married a few weeks ago on a beautiful day in May! Anna was a gorgeous bride and did a great job putting all the details of the day together. I don’t think she missed a thing…just perfect!  You two were great to work with and we at Sacred Images hope this was just a start to a blessed and wonderful marriage. Thanks for letting us share the day with you.   Mandi 

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Sweet Little Alex

Meet little Alex. He’s only a little over a week hold.  He was so priceless and so alert, we had trouble getting him to sleep, but it didn’t matter then cause he did so well and looked just so sweet!  It was so fun seeing this new little bundle with mom and dad, who, just several years ago I photographed their wedding.  I am so happy for them and they truly have an adorable little man. I want to thank them so much for sharing him with me and I can’t wait to see him grow up over the next year, (well lets not rush it, but it will be fun to see him over the next 3 months).

Just had to post this image cause his hands and expression were just too funny!!!!!!

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Spring Quicktakes

Spring Quicktakes

We are so excited for spring, and even though we are behind once again on getting this up for you, we hope one of these days will work.  We are offering the weekend of spring break for those that will be home or the Saturday following for those who were gone over spring break. We’ve already got several appointments booked so don’t hesitate to call!!!!!

Friday, March 25 From 10-6

Saturday, March 26 From 10-1

Saturday, April 2 From 10-1

15 minute session

Package $39.99 (plus Tax) (1 pose per package)

Choose any 3 of the following units

(1) 8×10, (2) 5×7, (4) 4×6 or 8 wallets

Additional units $15.00

Studio chooses the best picture

(Available Approximately 2 weeks later)

***Call 728-9794 to RESERVE Your Time, But Walk-ins Are Welcome***

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Ryan & Kendra’s Wedding

One of my goals before Christmas was to finish and share with everyone all the fun we had at the Strickler’s wedding but unfortunately with all the long days and late hours I put in trying to finish up everything else for the the Christmas deadline, I didn’t get them completely finished. So the next best thing is to give you a little sneak peek to enjoy until I get the rest up.  The couple and wedding party were so much fun go work with and Kendra had so many fun details and if anyone knows me I love details, so I came home with so many pictures to weed thru and have had such a hard time deciding on some favorites. So Ryan, Kendra and all, hope you can enjoy these until I get the rest finished.

One Response to “Ryan & Kendra’s Wedding”

  1. Kendra Strickler

    Thank you so much for posting the sneak peak of our pictures. They are amazing!!! My favorites are the one with Lilly in it and then of Ryan and I sitting on the chair with my shoes!! Ryan’s favorite is just below that. Some of the moments of that day went by so quickly before we could take it all in and you captured them perfectly so we always will have the most Sacred moments of our lives forever. Thank you once again for all of your hard work and this is the best Christmas gift we could ask for this year!!!

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Bryan & Krysten’s Album

Join with me in celebrating the marriage of Bryan & Krysten!  I just love the different touches each bride and groom put into their wedding day. Bryan and Krysten got married the weekend before Halloween and so they incorporated that into their reception celebration, and what a fun twist it was to see all the decorations and costumes some of the guests came up with.  You guys were a pleasure to work with and we thank you for choosing us to capture your memories!

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Christmas Cards

Order By November 20th & Receive 10% off!

-Use image/s from past sessions, the Fall or Christmas quicktakes,

or bring in your own images!

5×7 Photo Cards (one-sided)

*Boxed in Sets of 25*

*Envelopes Included*

*Some colors, text or wording may be changed to fit your needs*

Quantity       Total       Per Card

25            $35.00       $1.40

50            $65.00       $1.30

75            $90.00       $1.20

100         $110.00      $1.10

150-Up   $150.00      $1.00

(Click Here to view All our Pre-made Designs, colors & text are customizable)

2 & 4 Sided Flat & Folded Cards

*Available in Pearl or Linen Finish*

*Boxed in Sets of 25*

*Envelopes Included*

*These are more of a custom design, so pick your

favorite images and we come up with a design.*

2-Sided Flat Cards

4×5.5   $40.00 Per Box    ($1.60 Per Card)

5×7       $47.50 Per Box   ($1.90 Per Card)

4-Sided Folded Cards

4×5.5   $69.00 Per Box   ($2.76 Per Card)

5×7      $77.00 Per Box   ($3.08 Per Card)

(Purchase multiples & get 10% off each additional box)

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