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Ok, I know it has been like forever since I’ve appeared on the blog, we’ve been going though a number of changes at the studio over the last several months so finding time to sit down and post hasn’t been very easy.  I am so excited about the things that have been going on lately and I wanted to launch everything at once but of course I can’t hold off my excitement any longer so I am launching my new blog as the first “fun & exciting” change.  And you can look forward to my new website coming real soon as well.  Besides the launches of my new blog and website, I am so excited to announce that the studio is getting a new makeover.  We’ve been hard at work and I am so excited to complete it.  I don’t want to give too much information, but I will give you a few shots below to show the before and some of the progress.  Once it is complete you can believe there will be more pictures cause I am so excited to show it off.  Once the studio is done we will be moving on to the sales room, so there will be so many cool new things that I will be so excited to share with you all.

The Before!

Three of my favorite people!!!! David my husband, my neice Alivia and Braden my nephew were all a great big help in clearing out the room.

The room all cleared out!!! I couldn't believe how much stuff was in one room!!!

The carpet was taken up and the fun was to begin!

Ha Ha, the only hint you are getting until the remodel is done!! I have to keep some suspense you know!

 On a different note, one of the changes that took place last Fall was regarding our staff at Sacred Images.  We sadly said goodbye to two of our wonderful staff members, Tish, who had been with Sacred Images for over 4 years and was basically my right hand gal, she answered the phones, did a lot of sales sessions and office work, helped with weddings, etc. and Alice, who was with us for about a year, and did most of my editing for sessions and orders.  They are both greatly missed and we wish both of them and their families nothing but the best.  So now with just me and Holly, we recently added, Alyssa to our staff and although she is still in High school and only working a few hours a day she has been a great asset to our team. She can be found mostly editing sessions but will pick up where ever needed.

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