Jason & Danielle

Jason & Danielle got married on May 22.  The day was bright and warm and minus the few delays with my equipment malfunctions, the day was just perfect.  Thanks for your patience, you were all such great sports!!!!! We enjoyed working with you both and we hope you will enjoy the all the memories.  

I love the smile that was captured a few moments before Danielle was to walk down the aisle to meet her groom. Priceless!!!!!

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Brad & Machelle

Brad & Machelle got married on May 1st,  just a short time ago!  Happy first month of marriage!!!!! Their day had a chance of rain, but turned out very beautiful. The ceremony was located in a small country church outside of Fort Wayne, and the location was great for pictures.  We really enjoyed working with you both and it was so nice to meet you Brad!!! We all at Sacred Images wish you both a very blessed marriage. Enjoy the sneak peak the rest should be up real soon!!!!

What a beautiful bride~I was so excited to be given the chance to photograph your special day. Being my third cousin, it has been so fun to watch you grow into such a sweet lady!  I am so happy for you.

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  1. Jill Patrick

    Machelle, Beautiful inside and out. Great pix Mandi! Of course, that Matron of honor is pretty beautiful too! No, I’m not bias! I enjoy looking at your photos Mandi.

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Celebrating Our First Anniversary!!!!!!

I can’t believe how fast a year can go.   Our one year anniversary is on Sunday, May 9th can you believe it.  I feel like the luckiest girl alive, my husband is so wonderful and I am so excited for all our adventures ahead. We broke in early to the cake top that took up space in our freezer for a whole year.  And for anyone else who has tackled this silly tradition can agree that it is much better tasting the first time around.  We are going to be spending the weekend in the Upper Peninsula near  Mackinac Island, so I hoping for a relaxing time and that it won’t be too cold.

 Several weeks ago me and Hannah, my great friend who owns Vision’s Photography traveled to Columbus, OH to hear the great Sandy Puc (a well know photographer).  We had a great time (as you can tell from my cheesy grin below) and learned so many neat things.  It is so inspiring to spend time with other photographers.

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A Few of My Favorites…

Just a few pics from recent sessions that I thought you all may enjoy! We just completed our Spring Quicktakes and it was a great hit, thanks all who participated!  May all my readers have a great Easter Weekend with their families. 


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Wedding: Mark & Abby

Mark & Abby were married on February 27…a perfect day for the couple!  With a chill in the air and snow on the ground, everyone was such good sports and we captured a lot of fun moments outside as well.  You guys were a delight to work with and I am so glad we were able to share your special day with you all.  Hope you enjoy your sneak peek the rest should be up soon!!! Mandi

Mark was the sweetiest groom… I don’t think his smile left his face all day!

The ring bearer, Garrott and flower girl, Alyssa is the nephew and niece to the groom and were so sweet.  Most of the day you could find them taking pictures with their DS’s…I may have a little competition.


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Spring Quicktakes March 25, 26 & 27

Spring, Spring, Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know about you all but I have never before been so ready for spring!!!!!!  We’ve set the dates for our spring quicktakes and then realized that it was spring break for some, which may be good for those who aren’t going out of town, but for those who are we may have some make up days available.  Below are the details of the quicktakes and may I remind all that these are quick sessions (different then our normal session). 

15 minute session
Package $45.00 (plus tax) (1 pose per package)
Choose any 3 of the following units
(1) 8×10, (2) 5×7, (4) 4×6 or 8 wallets
 Additional units $15.00
 Studio chooses the best picture

(Available 2 wks later or pay $3.00 extra to recieve by Easter)

***Call 728-9794 to RESERVE Your Time, But Walk-ins Are Welcome***

Thursday, March 25 from 3-7 pm 
Friday, March 26 from 11-7 pm
Saturday, March 27 from 10-1 pm


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Welcome To The New And Improved Blog…

Ok, I know it has been like forever since I’ve appeared on the blog, we’ve been going though a number of changes at the studio over the last several months so finding time to sit down and post hasn’t been very easy.  I am so excited about the things that have been going on lately and I wanted to launch everything at once but of course I can’t hold off my excitement any longer so I am launching my new blog as the first “fun & exciting” change.  And you can look forward to my new website coming real soon as well.  Besides the launches of my new blog and website, I am so excited to announce that the studio is getting a new makeover.  We’ve been hard at work and I am so excited to complete it.  I don’t want to give too much information, but I will give you a few shots below to show the before and some of the progress.  Once it is complete you can believe there will be more pictures cause I am so excited to show it off.  Once the studio is done we will be moving on to the sales room, so there will be so many cool new things that I will be so excited to share with you all.

The Before!

Three of my favorite people!!!! David my husband, my neice Alivia and Braden my nephew were all a great big help in clearing out the room.

The room all cleared out!!! I couldn't believe how much stuff was in one room!!!

The carpet was taken up and the fun was to begin!

Ha Ha, the only hint you are getting until the remodel is done!! I have to keep some suspense you know!

 On a different note, one of the changes that took place last Fall was regarding our staff at Sacred Images.  We sadly said goodbye to two of our wonderful staff members, Tish, who had been with Sacred Images for over 4 years and was basically my right hand gal, she answered the phones, did a lot of sales sessions and office work, helped with weddings, etc. and Alice, who was with us for about a year, and did most of my editing for sessions and orders.  They are both greatly missed and we wish both of them and their families nothing but the best.  So now with just me and Holly, we recently added, Alyssa to our staff and although she is still in High school and only working a few hours a day she has been a great asset to our team. She can be found mostly editing sessions but will pick up where ever needed.

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