Senior Info

Senior Session Fees

Simplicity Session…………………………….. $65.00
On site: includes studio & surrounding outside. Session lasts around 30 minutes to an hour. Approx. 50-75 images.

Combination Session…………………………. $95.00
Includes the on site as well as 1-2 other locations around town, your choice or ours. Session can last 1-2 hours.
Approx. 75-150 images.

Ultimate Session……..………………………$300.00*
This is for the senior that wants more than just the usual. This session is designed to not only capture the expressions of the senior, but also the interests, hobbies and personality of the senior. We strive to do this in all our sessions, but this is where we will go deeper. For example: for someone who loves baseball, we’ll go to a baseball diamond; for someone who loves swimming, we’ll go to a pool. If you would like to remember your first job, we’ll come and take pictures of you in action. If you want to include some friends, invite them along. Whatever your hobbies or interests, we’ll try to capture them. *This session includes $150.00 towards the Senior Story Book.*

Senior Packages
Choose your minimum order and then build your own package using the price list below.  Don’t forget to choose one bonus option that goes with the minimum you choose. (Composites or Canvas are not included in the minimum.)  Those not interested in a package may go by the A`la Carte prices. *Add A Pose To Your Package For $5.00

$250.00 Minimum Order
Bonus- 8 Free Additional Wallets, 1 Free 5×7 or 1 digital file

$350.00 Minimum Order
Bonus- 16 Free Additional Wallets, 1 Free 8×10 Or 2 digital files

$450.00 Minimum Order
Bonus- Proof book,  5×30 Composite 0r 3 digital files

$600.00 Minimum Order

Bonus-Flash Stick with 30 digital Files

Minimum Package Prices
20×30                 $199.00
20×24                 $150.00
20×20                 $120.00
16×20                  $100.00
11×14                   $60.00
8×10                    $28.00
5×7                       $14.00
4×6                        $7.00
8 Wallets              $12.00

A` la Carte

Wall Portraits *Will be sprayed &  mounted for stability.
20×24                         $175.00
20×20                         $150.00
16×20                         $120.00
11×14                           $75.00

Gift Portraits *Special: Buy 5 (Same Size) Get One Free  (Only offered with A’la Cart)*

8×10*                         $32.00
5×7*                           $16.00
4×6*                             $9.00
8 Wallets                    $15.00