Guess who’s wedding I just photographed in Atlanta, GA!

 If you guessed my brother, Zach, and my gorgeous new sister-in-law, you are right!  The wedding was set outdoors along the Chattahoochee River at a beautiful venue!  Anyone who has planned an outdoor wedding knows exactly how they felt when the day’s forecast showed 100% chance of rain all day long!  Zach & Jackie had their “first look” in the rain (it was actually kind of romantic, but I’m sure I was a funny site trying to juggle a camera and an umbrella), but we forged ahead and made the best of it with cute umbrellas and rain boots for the girls! Their wedding party was not only very helpful, but such great sports! You were all so much fun, thanks for being such great friends to Zach & Jackie!

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It was so cute to see all the little ones dressed up.  Jackie has the most adorable little nephews, the three boys dressed in the cute suspenders! While Zach had his nephew Braden, (who I must say is a spitting image of him as a kid) and all his nieces, Alivia, Cali and my daughter, Britan!

jz 09

jz 10

 God sent them a beautiful gift, about 45 minutes before the wedding ceremony was to take place, the rain stopped!  I had tears in my eyes throughout the whole ceremony not only to see my brother & Jackie so happy but just to hear the nature around us and to see what started out as such a yucky day be turned into the most beautiful perfect day!  As a huge bonus to me, the overcast sky made it the most perfect lighting a photographer could ask for! Jackie’s nephew walked in with a cute “I do” box with a note inside for Zach while Braden walked in with this sign as a surprise for him!  Anyone who knows Jackie knows that she is an avid runner!

jz 19

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Zach & Jackie it was such an honor to photograph your special day.  I think the day was perfect, even with the rain. It made us all appreciate the blessing we received so much more!  I had such a hard time picking favorites because there are so many more cute pictures of you two, but hope you enjoy your sneak peak!  Jackie we are so happy to have you become a part of our family and it does my heart good to see how much you light up Zach’s world!

Love you guys,


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