Ryan & Kendra’s Wedding

One of my goals before Christmas was to finish and share with everyone all the fun we had at the Strickler’s wedding but unfortunately with all the long days and late hours I put in trying to finish up everything else for the the Christmas deadline, I didn’t get them completely finished. So the next best thing is to give you a little sneak peek to enjoy until I get the rest up. ┬áThe couple and wedding party were so much fun go work with and Kendra had so many fun details and if anyone knows me I love details, so I came home with so many pictures to weed thru and have had such a hard time deciding on some favorites. So Ryan, Kendra and all, hope you can enjoy these until I get the rest finished.

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  1. Kendra Strickler

    Thank you so much for posting the sneak peak of our pictures. They are amazing!!! My favorites are the one with Lilly in it and then of Ryan and I sitting on the chair with my shoes!! Ryan’s favorite is just below that. Some of the moments of that day went by so quickly before we could take it all in and you captured them perfectly so we always will have the most Sacred moments of our lives forever. Thank you once again for all of your hard work and this is the best Christmas gift we could ask for this year!!!

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