Steve & Jaime’s Wedding In Vegas!!!!!!!

Big news….Steve & Jaime are finally married!!!!! They were married on the same day that they first started dating, exactly 13 years ago. The wedding was held at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was so honored and thrilled to photograph their wedding. This was my first real destination wedding, and was just so much fun.  We were so excited to not only get to share this experience with them, but to also photograph in such a fun and different location.  With all the advertisements everywhere on the strip I couldn’t help but manipulate the advertisement on front to the hotel, to of course the biggest news in town!!!!!

Steve’s niece Sydney and nephew, Aaron were so excited to be a part of the wedding.  It was so too funny as we were finishing up pictures and waiting for the ceremony to begin, we had  a new visitor who wanted to join the celebration.

The day was beautiful and bright, hot, but not as humid as here in Indiana.  The chapel was really nice and the areas outside were so beautiful, everywhere we turned there was a great spot for photos. Their ceremony was so special, they used sand to show their unity  instead of lighting a candle. A prerecorded song that Jaime sang to Steve played in the background. Everyone was overcome with emotion as they tearfully said their “I do’s.”  Steve is my distant cousin so it was fun to be among several relatives and to see this day actually taken place.   Jaime we can officially welcome you to the family!  Steve and Jaime it was such a pleasure to work with you guys and David and I were glad we were there to get to share in your special moment. I just picked a few fun ones to show as a sneak peak till I get the rest finished, so I hope you enjoy.

While in Vegas my husband and I took a couple extra days before the wedding and traveled to the Grand Canyon. David turned the big 30 in August so this was my present to him.  He had never been to Vegas or to the Grand Canyon. I had been to both back in 04 when I was there for a Photography conference, but it was so special to get to share this experience with him.

I love this above and this shot below, as David is trying to explain the beauty before him to his father on the phone.  He, like I was just in amazement at the beauty around us. You feel such a calmness and peacefulness that is just so hard to explain unless you are standing there.  It makes me realize even more what an amazing God we serve. It was a long days drive to get there but it was well worth it.  My husband would say that the icing on the cake that day was getting to eat at the fast food restaurant called In & Out (a chain that is only on the west coast, but has like the most amazing hamburgers ever).

Some of our other favorite moments were the gondola ride we took at the Venice hotel, so much fun, now I am just ready for the real thing in Italy.  For David….playing golf with Tiger Woods and me…hanging out with Tim McGraw…no not really, but we did have a blast walking thru the wax museum. It was pretty neat seeing all the famous people they made look so real.

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